Friday, October 7, 2016

Leading Environmentalist Running for Town Council

The Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) is proud to endorse Robert Malin for the Charlestown Town Council. CDTC Chair John Hamilton said "Robert is a leading environmentalist in Rhode Island and his values are perfectly aligned with Charlestown's rural character."

Robert said "If we want to protect nature, the public health and have a sustainable future, we have to start by leading the way, moving to a self- sufficient renewable future with appropriate technology; and reestablishing local agriculture while developing aquaculture which were key parts of the traditional Charlestown economy."

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cool Rumsey Plans to Retake District 34 After Morgan Gaffes

Former District 34 state senator Cathie Cool Rumsey has announced that she will run against Senator Elaine Morgan in 2016. 

Cool Rumsey said she was “horrified” by Morgan’s nationally reported email in which Morgan wrote that the "Muslim religion and philosophy is to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone is a non-Muslim."

Morgan, who took the District 34 senate seat in a surprise upset in 2014, also wrote that if the U.S. does "take these people in, we should set up refugee camp to keep them segregated from our populous" [sic].

Cool Rumsey said that the statements solidified her intention to challenge Morgan in 2016.

District 34 includes the northern end of Charlestown, as well as portions of Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond and West Greenwich.