Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Charlestown Democrats Endorse General Assembly Candidates

Rep. Donna Walsh
By a unanimous vote, the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) endorsed the re-election bid of State Representative Donna Walsh (District 36).

“Donna has been an exemplary Representative for Charlestown and the other towns in her district,” said CDTC chair Catherine O’Reilly Collette. “We will work hard to ensure she returns to the General Assembly to continue to work to improve our economy, protect our environment, make our roads safer and to save family farms.”

“Donna works hard for the four towns in her District and we can see the tangible results of her work in better roadways and a healthier Ninigret Pond. We really need her in the General Assembly,” said Collette.

Catherine Cool Rumsey
Also by a unanimous vote, the CDTC endorsed Catherine Cool Rumsey’s candidacy for Senate District 34, a seat currently held by Republican Frank Maher. “Redistricting has greatly expanded the amount of Charlestown that now falls into Senate District 34,” said Collette, “So we have a heightened interest in ensuring our Senator works to meet the interests of our community.”

Collette continued, “We never see Senator Maher in Charlestown and can’t really think of anything he has ever done that benefits our town. By contrast, Cathy Cool Rumsey has visited Charlestown repeatedly and taken an interest in our civic life. We think she will make a great state Senator.”

Rep. Larry Valencia
The Committee also voted a resolution of support and thanks to state Representative Larry Valencia (District 39) whose district no longer includes Charlestown under the re-drawn electoral map. “We support Larry’s campaign for a second term because, based on his outstanding record in his first term, he has proven himself to be a great legislator,” said CDTC Chair Collette. “We are especially grateful to him for his work to promote fair tax policies where everyone pays their fair share at the state level, and for his support for our effort for tax justice at the town level.”

Later this month, the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee will file its endorsements for its slate of candidates for Charlestown elected office. “Charlestown needs a change in leadership badly to restore public trust in town government,” said Collette, “and our candidates will provide Charlestown with the new leadership it needs.”