Friday, August 29, 2014

Vote in the September 9 Primary

This year, the September 9 Democratic Primary is more important than ever. We have important choices to make among Democratic candidates for the major state offices, choosing from a wide range of backgrounds, personalities and visions for our state.

After carefully considering all the candidates, the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee believes the following candidates for state office are the best, not only for the state, but for Charlestown. All of these candidates took the time to visit Charlestown to talk to our Committee. This is not just about "some election in Providence", it's about making choices that will make a difference here.

The polls will be open from 9 am until 8 pm. There are four polling stations; find yours by putting your address in at the RI Elections website here.

This mailing went out to all registered Democrats in town. Independents may also vote in the Democratic primary. (This will cause the voter to become registered as a Democrat but that can be quickly reversed, if desired, by asking to "disaffiliate" after voting.)

When you vote on September 9, please choose:

Clay Pell for Governor
Clay has fresh, detailed ideas and a positive, inclusive style that gives us hope in the future. Charlestown will gain from his plans to help small businesses grow; boost the tourism, green energy and maritime industries; increase state aid to towns; support our public schools and colleges and protect our shoreline. Pell's website.
Guillaume DeRamel for Secretary of State
Guillaume is a small business owner and philanthropist who intends to make sure the Secretary of State’s office helps Charlestown businesses grow and prosper. He’ll make voter registration and voting easier and expand voter rights. DeRamel's website.
Seth Magaziner for General Treasurer
No more “business as usual.” Charlestown will benefit from Seth’s Blueprint for jobs & growth; investing of our state’s money in RI; secure retirements; financial empowerment education. Magaziner's website.

Ralph Mollis for Lieutenant Governor
In Ralph’s two terms as Secretary of State, he eased the paperwork burden on small business and increased transparency. He helped Charlestown’s Economic Improvement Commission on their regional forums. Mollis' website.