Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Holding the government and our economy hostage to advance a partisan policy dispute is not how democracy works."

Langevin Statement on Republican Government Shutdown 
Rep. Langevin with state Senator Cathie Rumsey (l) and Rep.
Donna Walsh (r)
Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) issued the following statement in response to House proceedings resulting in a partial shutdown of the federal government:

"The writing has long been on the wall that the extreme ideological agenda of House Republicans to delay or defund health reform is a dead end. The fight over the Affordable Care Act was settled, both in the Supreme Court and in the 2012 election, and yet this futile discussion continues all the way to a government shutdown.

“Starting today, millions of Americans who rely on government services will go without, or will see crucial benefits delayed, including assistance through the WIC program, veterans benefits and housing loans for low- to moderate-income families. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be furloughed, and others will report to work knowing that no paychecks will be issued during this shutdown. Nationwide, medical research will be suspended and environmental enforcement will come to a screeching halt. Popular sites in Washington, DC, and National Parks across the country will close, inconveniencing visitors and causing a major loss of tourism revenue. Small business owners will not be able to access new SBA loans, and employers won’t be able to use the E-Verify system to screen prospective employees.

"Democrats offered a realistic, Senate-passed alternative that represented a true compromise on spending levels while providing an opportunity to keep government running and negotiate a long-term solution. Unfortunately, Republicans refused to accept anything short of a shutdown. Holding the government and our economy hostage to advance a partisan policy dispute is not how democracy works. This is a manufactured crisis and it was completely avoidable. Republicans need to come to the table with a reasonable alternative or it is the American people that will pay the price."