Thursday, October 30, 2014

CCA Bullying Tactics Won't Work

Have you noticed that over the past couple of weeks the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) has gone into "ATTACK MODE" against the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee? Why do you think this is?

Could it be that the incumbent democratic candidate for Town Council, Vice President Paula Andersen, who won three of the four voting districts along with the mail-in ballot count in the last election, might have them a little on edge? 

Could it be that they are so fearful that she and our other candidates, Brandon Cleary and Ronald Russo might take the council majority in this election? 

You bet they are. Why else would this Political Action Committee (PAC) who claim to be so CIVIL (respect for differing opinions), INCLUSIVE (represent the population in its entirety and guard against domination by special interests) as they attest on their web site, use the bullying tactics we see and will continue to see in the upcoming week? If they are truly CIVIL, why have they resorted to negative campaigning? If they are truly INCLUSIVE and guard against special interest, like themselves, why are they running a candidate for every office in Charlestown....isn't that domination?

The CCA controls the Planning Commission, refused to re-appoint Zoning Board members so that they could gain control of that board by replacing them with the CCA faithful and appointed School Committee members from their own membership, but that's not they want it all. Their hunger and thirst for power has no bounds. They want to control our entire town government...period.

Good government comes from opposing factions coming together for the good of the whole so that all of our citizens have a voice in our future.

On Nov. 4th, give yourself a voice in our town government by voting for the Charlestown Democratic slate. Re-elect Town Council Vice President Paula Andersen and help elect Town Council Candidates Brandon Cleary and Ronald Russo along with Henry Walsh for Town Moderator.

Letter to the Editor from Frank Glista, Charlestown
Glista is a member of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee