Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meet our candidates today!

Have a snack and chat with our candidates.
Representative Jim Langevin will attend.

Today: Saturday, October 11, from 2 to 4 pm at The Breachway Grill, One Charlestown Beach Road.

Have a taste of their popular pizza.

These candidates will be there:

  • Donna Walsh - for re-election as your State Representative for District 36
  • Jim Langevin - for re-election as your U.S. Congressman
  • Paula Andersen - for re-election to Town Council
  • Brandon T. Cleary - for Town Council
  • Ronald Russo - for Town Council
  • Henry Walsh - for re-election as Town Moderator

RSVP is optional on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you and our candidates are eager to meet you to discuss your questions, concerns and vision for Charlestown.