Sunday, April 14, 2013

VIDEO: Straight talk on affordable health care and the health care reform law

“So much of what’s out there is just propaganda!”

That’s what a local doctor told Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts at the April 13 forum on affordable health care, organized by the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee and held at the Cross Mills Public Library. He commended Liz Roberts for her leadership of Rhode Island’s efforts to put the new Affordable Health Care Act into practice and urged her to educate the public about what it will do – and won’t do.

Lt. Governor Roberts mostly took questions and provided straight-forward, substantive answers during the nearly two hour session. She noted that though the new law is federal, how it’s put into play is largely decided in each state. She also debunked, right from the start, the myth that so-called Obamacare is “socialized medicine,” pointing out that it’s really the opposite. It works to coordinate the existing patchwork system of health care financing that rests largely on private insurance, plus federal Medicare and the state-federal Medicaid program so that it works more efficiently and covers more people.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 13: find out the truth about health care reform

Health Care Exchange Information Event

Guest speaker: Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts
Saturday morning, April 13, from 10 am to noon,
at the Cross Mills Public Library on Old Post Road in Charlestown

Health Insurance is the entry point into the massive medical care establishment in this country. 

Without health insurance, routine medical care is almost unavailable to most, and the emergency room portal becomes overused and expensive. 

Without insurance, intensive medical intervention to preserve life is beyond the reach of all but the most affluent among us. Even seemingly straight forward hospital care would bankrupt most families, were it not for insurance.