Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 13: find out the truth about health care reform

Health Care Exchange Information Event

Guest speaker: Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts
Saturday morning, April 13, from 10 am to noon,
at the Cross Mills Public Library on Old Post Road in Charlestown

Health Insurance is the entry point into the massive medical care establishment in this country. 

Without health insurance, routine medical care is almost unavailable to most, and the emergency room portal becomes overused and expensive. 

Without insurance, intensive medical intervention to preserve life is beyond the reach of all but the most affluent among us. Even seemingly straight forward hospital care would bankrupt most families, were it not for insurance. 

Many studies have shown that lack of health insurance among the lowest income class contributes to poor health outcomes and higher mortality rates. Ultimately poor prevention and lack of routine medical access contributes to higher costs for the system as a whole, and this translates into higher health insurance premiums for those of us fortunate enough to have insurance.

The Affordable Care Act, signed into law in March of 2010 is intended to extend Health Care Insurance to most people who may not now be covered, and who would not otherwise be able to afford health insurance. It is intended to put individuals, families and small business owners in control of their health care. It is also aimed at reducing overall health care costs over time and improving outcomes. How does it do this? How will it work?

The website states that Americans who do not now have health insurance will be able to choose coverage in a new open, competitive insurance market called an Insurance Exchange or Health Care Exchange. Each state must decide how to set up these exchanges, which must begin to offer insurance options by the start of 2014. In the State of Rhode Island, Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts has been given the responsibility of bringing the Health Care Exchanges into existence. 
  • How is the process of setting up exchanges proceeding?
  • What form will the Health Care Exchanges take in Rhode Island?
  • How will part time workers, a too large and too vulnerable class of workers in our sluggish economy, be covered?
  • What will be the cost?
  • What help will there be for those who still will find it too difficult to afford to buy insurance through an exchange?
  • Will Medicaid be expanded to cover the very lowest income members of our communities and how will that come about?
These are some of the very important questions one might ask as this profoundly important law is implemented in the coming year. Elizabeth Roberts will be available to talk about these issues and answer questions in an event sponsored by the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee on Saturday morning, April 13, from 10 am to noon, at the Cross Mills Public Library on Old Post Road in Charlestown. 

Refreshments will be served and important information will be shared by all. We hope to see you there.