Saturday, October 15, 2016

Notes from the Field: Five Points to Stress

by Robert Malin
With a progressive vision for Charlestown we can be a model for an ecologically sound economy sustainable Charlestown that provides a good quality of life for all residents while protecting nature.

Here are five things that, when presented, everyone seems to agree with. Charlestown needs:
  • diverse voices on the council (and have a more transparent process)
  • to show we really want to protect nature by doing our part to mitigate the causes of climate change by setting the example of how we can move quickly to renewables
  • to build on our rural character and strengthen our economy by helping local farming, aqua-culture and clean-tech enviro-businesses.
  • to strengthen the Chariho School District by leading the way to finding funds for their Green Building and Renewable Energy Installation Program
  • to address long term problems like water (supply and waste) and the conditions of our ponds and waterways more directly. Too many times the "can has been kicked down the road." There has been some progress here but not enough.

In General, putting this off will cost the Town more in the long run and we need to think more about the future generations who will inherit these conditions.