Sunday, October 30, 2016

Average Charlestown Voters Need a Voice

by Frank Glista
A version of this article was published as a Letter to the Editor in The Chariho Times.

The Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) Town Council is a political machine that morphed into a power hungry force that disregards the will of the average citizen, pays little or no attention to its volunteer commissions and shows favoritism to its members. If that wasn't bad enough, this council kicks the CCA can down the road when confronted with water issues that plague our town, toxic waste dumps that lurk underground and global warming that is becoming a greater threat at a faster rate......we need a voice.

Robert Malin, a Democrat for Town Council will be that voice. Malin is a true environmentalist. He just doesn't talk about it, he lives it. He recently stated, "There's more to the environment then just acquiring open space, we need to preserve and protect these areas not just for human enjoyment but for all of God's creatures." He then added, "We should expand Chariho's Vocational Technology programs to teach more Green Building methods, we need to help residents, businesses and municipal buildings achieve energy independence by installing solar, geo-thermal and appropriate wind technology."

As the former Chair of the Economic Improvement Commission, I asked Malin what he thought about improving the business climate in Charlestown? I told him that one of the present council's business initiatives was to lower the business licensing fee from $25.00 to $10.00. Another initiative was to increase user fees for festivals at Ninigret Park. Against the advice of the Parks and Recreation Commission, the EIC and the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, this council wants to discourage future events from the park.

He said, "We need to develop green technology businesses and to support local agriculture and aquaculture. I would like to promote Eco-Tourism and the Arts. These are the future businesses that work hand in hand with an environmentally sound community."

On November 8th, please cast your vote for Robert Malin for Town Council and end our towns "one party rule."