Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Notes from the Field: Talking about Ninigret Pond

by Robert Malin
Ugly but necessary. If you have any skin rashes it is important that you report it to Matt Dowling at the Town Hall 364-1200 ASAP so he can investigate and find the source. Someone (who didn't want to get involved) reported to me that bathers in Ninigret Pond got a nasty rash near Hoxie Road at the end of the summer. South County Hospital said it was a type that was typically caused by sewage. If anyone knows anything about this or similar problems report this as well. This is a potentially dangerous health risk.

Boaters have reported that "weeds" are getting caught up in their boat propellers. The weeds are likely "eel grass' which is very good for the pond.  The bad news is that they are likely growing faster because of the fertilizer people are dumping on their lawns and that the water is warmer due to climate change. BOTTOM LINE- if you want to help control the vegetative growth on the pond, limit fertilizer use to help your environment and slow global warming.

Finally, one resident complained because an out-of-town neighbor mowed down the natural buffer zone along the pond to put in a lawn. I found out that there is supposed to be a 50' buffer zone around the pond. Pond lovers unite - this is important, it's called a buffer zone because it is necessary. The pond has enough stresses on it. When lawns go down to the water it encourages Canadian Geese to hang around and poop in the water and on the lawn. Poop that adds to our salt pond pollution.

If I am elected, CRMC has offered to take me on a tour so examine the condition and their recommendation.